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We would like to thank you for coming to our website.


Look for our Local 926 News Letter!

You will be getting our Local 926 News Letter in the mail. It will also be posted here in our web site. We will provide information about the people in our local as well as work related news about your rights as an employee and other areas of interest important to you.

To: Members of Teamsters Local No. 926

It is important for Local 926 to

stay in tune with todays

technology and the needs of

our members/you. We have

heard you and now we are

moving forward.


We have started to develop

a data base of our members

with their email addresses.

This will be used to 

communicate necessary

information we feel, as a

union member, you need to



The goal is to keep up with

the social networks so you,

our member can stay informed

and share information about:

Organizing activities,


Union meetings

and functions put on by our

Labor Day Parade Committee.


A Union is only as strong as our


Please take a minute to send

an email to our staff.

               Thank you,
                                    Marc Dreves

Local 926 E-Mail Address list

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Paul "Dino" Taormina - 


Scott Stanley - 


Gwen Helms - 


Katie Foley -



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